Connectic System

Traceability and identification material

imprimantes; identification; traçabilité; étiquettes;

Printers, labellers, labels: CONNECTIC SYSTEM has developed partnerships with the greatest specialists on the market (DATAMAX and PHILSTIC) to meet all your traceability and identification material needs.

imprimantes; identification; traçabilité; étiquettes;


A wide choice of printers to make your identification labels, bar code and traceability :

  • des imprimantes à impression thermique directe ;
  • des imprimantes à transfert thermique ;
  • des imprimantes RFID Smart 1 ;
  • des imprimantes grande laize de 267 mm ;
  • des modules d’impression OEM.


Discover a range of robust, reliable and lightweight manual labeling systems to meet all your needs.


A wide range of labels for all your commercial, agricultural or industrial applications.

  • Hazardous product labels ;
  • Packaging labels ;
  • Logistics ;
  • Advertising and promotion ;
  • Enveloppes.

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