Connectic System

Management and processing of deposits and payments

CONNECTIC SYSTEM provides the best solutions and products on the market for the management and processing of deposits and payments (all coins and banknotes from New Caledonia).

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This is how CONNECTIC SYSTEM, in partnership with CashDev, offers a set of solutions in the field of cash management and processing for all sectors of activity: transport, banks, casinos, cash carriers, etc.

CashDev has many subsidiaries in order to be able to extend its services to several countries: for our geographical area, there is the Asia-Pacific subsidiary (CashDev APAC).

The range of deposit machines is available in several models allowing to make self-service cash deposits (coins, notes or valuables such as envelopes).

  • Easy Deposit Value (EDV): this envelope drop-off automaton equipped with a motorized hatch allows fast and secure deposits.
  • Easy Cash Deposit (ECD): this coin and banknote deposit machine allows you to make quick and safe deposits of your cash receipts.
  • Fast Deposit Banknote – coins (FDB-coins): this cash deposit machine allows you to quickly and securely deposit your coins and banknotes.
  • Fast Deposit Banknote (FDB): this machine allows you to deposit your banknotes in complete safety.
  • Intelligent Safe System (ISS): this safe allows you to deposit banknotes in bundles.

The range of payment terminals is available in 2 models allowing .settlement in several different ways : in cash, by bank card, by cheque, etc.

  • Complete Payment Kiosk (CPK): this autonomous machine with cash recycling and bank card payment includes a 15″ touch screen and a barcode reader for identification.
  • Complete Payment Kiosk – L (CPK-L): this more recent automaton incorporates a 27″ screen for an even richer customer experience.

The range of currency converters is available in 3 models allowing to exchange of currency into smaller denominations or vouchers at the point of sale:

  • Easy Money Changer (EMC): this machine allows you to obtain coins in exchange for banknotes. 
  • Fast Coin Converter (FCC): this machine converts small change into vouchers.
  • Easy Bill Breaker (EBB): this machine allows you to exchange high value banknotes for smaller denomination banknotes.

The range of cash registers is available in 3 models allowing to cash payment at the point of sale :

  • Smart Cash Manager – A (SCM): this vending machine with cash recycling incorporates a touch screen and is distinguished by its minimal width allowing it to be installed as a terminal in the point of sale.
  • Smart Cash Manager – B (SCM-B): this machine, which thanks to its ergonomic shape can be installed anywhere, simplifies and secures your payments.
  • Smart Cash Manager – C (SCM-C): composed of 2 modules, the SCM-C innovates by offering rear access for the withdrawal of coins and banknotes in order to offer even more security at the point of sale.
  • Smart Cash Manager – L (SCM-L): this machine, the most compact in the range, simplifies and secures your payments while integrating easily into your shop. 

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Logo d'EAS

CONNECTIC SYSTEM, being a distributor of the brand EAS of the Groupe Cap Monétique, offers all their products specialized in reloading by cards and payment terminals.

Portal bollards

These terminals adapt to all types of gates regardless of the brand. They can be equipped with all means of payment and also serve as a token dispenser.

They are easy to use and secure to prevent acts of vandalism.

  • Gantry terminal BP8
  • Gantry terminal BP8S
  • Touch terminal BC10

Distributors of tokens/cards or keys

These devices allow to. get tokens/cards or keys (with reload) self service 24/7.

Laundromat payment centers

Our payment centers allow you to manage from 8 to 48 workstations and they adapt to all professional machines regardless of the brand.

They are all equipped with a. stacker banknote reader andun monnayeur-rendeur.

They are all very easy to use and manage.

Terminals and readers

Payment terminals. suitable for all high pressure control consoles and peripherals equipped with electronic coin mechanism.

  • Payment terminals TPL
  • Contactless card reader TPLAV
  • Manual Cap Loader TPV

Cards and keys

Loyalty cards or keys are rechargeable and customizable.

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Éléphant bleu
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