Connectic System

Plateforme SMS

Produit de la Plateforme SMS

CONNECTIC SYSTEM has developed a local, simple and economical platform to create and send your SMS in complete autonomy, whatever the type of campaign.

Our platform

  • No major installation is required : just install the software on your computer
  • You manage your SMS campaigns in complete autonomy : your contact lists, your messages and your group or individual mailings
  • Our platform offers all the essential options : file cleaning, direct mail, personalization, detailed statistics to measure the impact
  • Our customer service is at your disposal from Monday to Friday to accompany you in your first steps or to face difficulties
  • Our platform is online 24/7 for your SMS sending in complete freedom

The advantages of SMS

  • Exceptional read rate : 97% of messages read
  • Speed : easy to write and send
  • Readability : the SMS is always compatible and readable (no spam filter for the mobile version)
  • Impact : return rates 5 times higher than other media
  • Responsible media

Campaign types

  • SMS marketing : sales, flash sales, promotions, loyalty offers? You can carry out your SMS campaigns in a few clicks and thus develop traffic and your business.
  • SMS alerts : appointment confirmations, alerts, events, information on an order? You can manage your SMS notifications from our platform without wasting a minute.

How does this work?

  1. I connect to my platform
  2. I import my contacts
  3. I write my message
  4. I send the SMS
  5. I analyze the statistics of my campaign

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