CONNECTIC SYSTEM, associated with the biggest brands on the market, offers a full range of products and solutions for on-street parking, as well as ticketing and access management for public sites.

  • Flowbird
  • Vivaticket
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CONNECTIC SYSTEM, representative of FLOWBIRD, world leader in management systems and solutions for on-street parking, offers in New Caledonia a set of products and services, from installation to maintenance:

  • Access control systems for work car parks; ;
  • Payment system for car parks ;
  • Street parking meters.

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MINI PARK : Economic and practical parking solutions for municipalities in New Caledonia:

  • Lower investment compared to traditional solutions
  • User-friendly : no more ticket constraints
  • Ideal for subscribers
  • Adaptable, flexible and versatile
  • High performance technology for faster vehicle flow

Street parking


It offers users (pedestrians or motorists) local discount coupons, which can be used immediately and near the parking meter. For downtown merchants, it offers an original channel of communication, to large audiences, all supported on parking meters.

The parking terminals are transformed into real interactive multiservice kiosks, which have become a tool for local research.

  • A relevant, non-intuitive and free service
  • An exclusive service strengthening the economy of local traders


Multi-service solar terminal

  • Combines ergonomics, robustness, modularity, customization and connectivity
  • Autonomous solar urban kiosk providing sales, payment and information services that make life easier for city dwellers.
  • The power of the cloud : controllable by the "Cloud" system of Flowbird which makes it possible to create and deploy a whole range of additional online services very simply, without intervention on site

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Around the world, nearly 40 countries in more than 3000 cities are equipped with its solutions.

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Are you looking for a simple way to allocate the lanes, to manage the lifeguards' schedule, that of your licensees or your visitors? CONNECTIC SYSTEM has joined forces with VIVATICKET to offer you a turnkey solution in the management of swimming pools and aquatic centers.

Automated ticketing solutions

GTS AquaGlisse integrates automated ticketing solutions as well as the latest contactless technologies on the market for site access.

Without forgetting, of course, the instantaneous maximum attendance, essential on busy days.

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